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CHIONO REISOVA ART GALLERY (CRAG) is a young gallery that works with emergent artists, in particular painters and sculptors, both Italian and foreigners, with a special regard to figurative subjects.

The focus of the gallery is the organisation of curated personal and collective exhibitions, collaborations with other galleries especially abroad, participation to art fairs and in the next few months the opening of a new venue in Prague.

In our vision the gallery is also a space for experimental and curatorial projects. Since June we are developing CRAG HUB: we would like to allow young artists and curators to express themselves with freedom and conviction of their ability, for example during the Project Rooms.

We are absolutely convinced of the importance of highly personal choices for running a gallery, beyond fashions, concentrating in quality of the artistic research.

CRAG is a member of the Italian Association of modern and contemporary Art Galleries


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