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bn+BRINANOVARA is a collective composed by Giorgio Brina (1993) and Simone Novara (1994).

Giorgio Brina graduated in sculpture at the Academy of Brera in Milan and Simone Novara graduated on painting at the Wimbledon College of Arts in London and in Architecture at Politecnico of Milan.

They live and work in Milan.

“How many places can an image live?
A place is a codified time-space block, a shell through which information and images transit.
It is a process of re-invention of places acting: ruins and fragments of old images are inhabited by an external information which gives them new life.
Images re-live within places while places are changed by images. That is how objects, spaces and buildings rooted within common images, become the physical place where the information exchange is allowed.
We study known and empathic fragments of reality with an installation-attitude to test how the images we make change the places where they are.”

ArtWorks – Project Room #2

Trofei – Trophy series 2019

2018 Selected Artworks


Solo shows

2019 Thunder Boogie, CRAG Grallery, Turin, Italy

2019 Animal Farm, Galleria Monopoli, Milan, Italy

2018 Gusti assortiti in proporzione variabile, Supergiovane, Milan, Turin

2018 Short film for Notti Trasfigurate, Villa Simonetta, Milan, Italy
2018 Short film + installation of Just an Oyster Without the Pearl at Brera Academy, Milan, Italy

Group shows

2019 Tuttifrutti, Supergiovane, Stecca 3.0, Milan, Italy

2018 Contexto, 4th edition, with Casa Testori, Edolo, Brescia, Italy
2018 No Name, Marco Genzini’s collection, Morsasco castle, Alessandria, Italy

Projects and contests
2018 Find your own void for Montenegro pavilion, XVI Venice Biennale of Architecture
2014 Atlas Project, Iceland, for MEAD scholarship